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Александр Великий

Alexander the Great; lessons from history's undefeated general [ World generals series]

Yenne, Bill
Библиографическая информация: Palgrave Macmillan, издание 2010 г. ISBN: 9780230619159,0230619150
Формат: pdf
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Prologue -- Introduction : born into a state of war -- Auspicious beginnings -- Long live the king -- From Granicus to Gordium -- Turning point at Issus -- The takedown of Tyre -- From Gaza to Alexandria -- Decision at Gaugamela -- To the victor go the spoils -- Last stand at Persian Gate -- From Persepolis to the Caspian Gates -- The king of Asia -- The crossroads at Syr Darya -- On the frontier -- Men fly over Sogdian Rock -- Into the headwaters of the Indus -- Siege at Aornos -- Triumph at Hydaspes -- Ever eastward -- The end of the road -- A Macedonian against the Malhi -- From great rivers to waterless wilderness -- Back to Persis -- Final days in Babylon -- What was and what might have been -- Epilogue: lasting legacy.