John Batterson Stetson (1830-1906) was a New Jerseyite who went West for his health. His observant eye noticed that the headgear worn by cowboys was not so suitable as it might be. Returning to the East, he settled in Philadelphia, where he opened a hat-making factory. His hats became exceedingly popular, and soon he was the largest manufacturer of hats in the world. Although he made hats to suit all styles of dress, what made his name famous was his Western-style hats, which were more practical for wear and use on the range than the other hats made in the East. They were felt, wide-brimmed, and high-crowned. Before long they acquired the nickname «ten-gallon hat». No cowpuncher would any more bust a bronco without wearing his ten-gallon hat than he would dare walk the streets of Dodge City without his six-shooter.
Stetson University, a college in De Land, Florida, was named after John B. Stetson because of his generosity.